Monday, September 26, 2011

Rachel Zoes Fall 2011 Collection

 Rachel Zoe Fall 2011 Fashion Debut

Last Thursday, I attended an event at Neiman Marcus hosted by Miami Mag to show off Rachel Zoe's new collection. I wasn't there for more than 10 minutes when I was approached to enter the "Release Your Inner Zoe" stylist competition. The prize was $1000 shopping spree at Neiman's. I didn't win unfortunately, I was runner up.

The fashion show was a success though. The styling was perfection and I love the bold color choices for Fall. I noticed Zoe pulled inspiration from a few of her favored designers, which I feel she'll lose a bit of credit for. Other than that, great night!

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This picture is PRICELESS! They called my name as one of the finalists. Please note most of the ladies faces. I have a feeling they didn't share the judges opinion.
The white dress is so sexy. Probably my favorite piece from the collection.

The cutie in the black vest and lace skirt was the winner of the competition. Here, she's posing with the judges.