In my teens, I became obsessed with deconstructing clothes. I never liked to wear the same thing over again so I would change it and make it something new. That is how I learned to sew, and after friends began to ask me to create things for them as well, I sort of fell into a business. 

I love old clothes, antique furniture, and finding a purpose for things that have lost their usefulness. I thrift for clothing, and recycle the fabric to make it into something new and on trend. I don't believe in mass production, so everything I create is one of a kind. I also painstakingly restore vintage clothing and accessories. There is something so magical and mysterious about vintage that it would be a shame to let it end up in the trash.

This blog is about my life and the clothes I live it in. Follow me on Twitter or email me at info@thethrift.co. You can also check in on my store theThrift to shop my special vintage and handcrafted items.