Monday, September 14, 2009


Throwing on rings for the Grizzly Bear Couture photo shoot.

Ring it in for Fall

I’ve been recently obsessed with the idea of overloading my pale fingers with chunky, over-sized rings before the nearing winters nip has my hands hibernating in my coat-pockets for several months. The trick in not getting your fingers too crowded is to pair chunky rings on your middle and pointer fingers and more simple bands on the left overs. It doesn’t need to match... it just needs to make sense.

Costume jewelry is on the rise and so easy to get your hands on no matter what your budget is. Forever 21 has never ending bowls of rings for under $5. If your a thrifter, then you should hunt around your friendly neighborhoods Goodwill or Salvation Army. If your crafty, they sell individual bands at Micheal's for you to hot glue or (if you’re brave enough) weld old jewelry on to customize your look. And if your bank account isn’t flashing zero’s like mine, then you can always find unusual rings at Betsey Johnson.

As my personal collection expands, so does my thirst for the most unusual rings. I‘v come across a few that I think are truly fantastic.

Londons Gate $45.00
Available at

Acrylic Rings by Alissia Melka-Teichroew $10.00
Available at

Moritz Glik $3,320.00
Available at

Unknown (but still freaking awesome)

Anneke Van Bommel $350.00
Available at

Poison Ring

coming soon to Grizzly Bear Couture